Way out of this world

I sit in my room to try and spit out
What is just so wrong and what we're about
as far as i could tell i was not wrong
but all you were wearing was a thong
Because over time my mind is changing
Rearranging, contemplating
A way out of this world.

Three changing lights on the street we drive down
Take us closer to destination found
I sit back and watch yellow lines pass by
We're going no where fast, why even try?
I just can't take this bullshit, I'm sick of it, and i think i need
A way out of this world

And I can't promise you my mental health
Sitting in my room all by myself
With not an open door, ya know
It's really hard when you don't like to be ignored
And I can sit and play the guitar, but it gets to hard, and i think i need
A way out of this world.

Please send me all that you can spare
My mind is almost lost and now no one really cares
a thought bust's into my head and i need to tell you
im lost and im found and its all because of you
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