Said and Done

Your bloody hands tell me something's in the way
Confusion fills you don't say what you wanna say
'cause if you do, I think that I will go insane
Blood rushing to my head, and thats when I scream outloud

What's with this world it's not really life anymore
The system failed and it's turning us into a bore
When you look back on the ruin that your life's become
You'll come running back to me when it's all said and done

Wrong way on a one way street, that's what you feel like
Changing your mind balancing on a one wheeled bike
Picked up the phone to call me, please don't say those words
I feel now that I am dead, and that's when I scream outloud

Reliving the past, looking through your old books
No scars will show but the pain it still hurts
You've gotta think, what you did wasn't right
Got a gun to your head and that's when I scream outloud
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