Our Turn

Seven years, seven months, five days, four hours, four minutes, and it's down to the second.
Is the time, I can't supply a reason, and a reason why,
I'm awake when you're asleep, and I'm looking through your shit and your personal items and,
and I'm like a bad penny, I always, I always turn up.

You can't control us,
We built up power like a storm.
You can't control us,
We're not your kids anymore.
You can't control us,
I'm sorry you think it's not fair
You can't control us,
We've become your worst nightmare.

Don't tell me what you're thinking, cause I don't wanna know what's on your mind.
You never really think you're just are,
Wasting my time.

Do you remember when you told us that we couldnt do what we wanted to,
We didn't listen to your shit, and we did it anyway,
Got drunk, got stoned, broke shit, stole goods
Don't worry 'cause we'll be ok.
Just don't try to give us rules, we'll defy you anyway.
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