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Double Standard News!

We're gonna use this page to give updates because the page reconstruction is taking longer than planned. Anyway various members of the band have been away but we’ve managed to have a few practices over the summer. I think we’ve decided that we’re going to try to record one or two songs by the end of the summer, and try to raise some money to get a really nice recording of a bunch of songs at some point after that. We have two shows coming up, one at the Irvington Town Hall that should be a big show and if enough people show up, we should be able to have shows there frequently. That is probably gonna be on September 16th, but check back to confirm. The other show is gonna be at cbgb’s in the city, I don’t know a whole lot about that show but as of now it’s October 15th. Anyway we’re working on a lot of new songs and crap, they sound good. Nothing Left…’s cd should be available pretty soon, buy it, it’s rockin. Uh, check back here for other updates and crap, if you can help us with recording, getting shows, or just wanna say how cool you think Double Standard is email us. -Alex

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