I've got this way of fucking up everything,
Now, self destruction in my mind.
Not a plan, Just off hand, Now everythings gone wrong,
Just a taste of a different kind.
Just a blur in my head of everything that's said,
So little have we been through.
Now it's time to say goodbye, don't leave until they cry.
Don't you know that I have feelings too.

Your anger and aggression,
Control you and the things you do.
Sometimes it's a reflection,
of what you're about.

I've got this way of fucking up everything,
Don't know where I'll be in five years.
Look around, up and down, cause you can't find me.
Just know that I'll be saying cheers.
It's been real nice, though I had to pay the price,
You are, still my friend.
Don't forget the shit that we went through,
I'll see you in the end.
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