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Tony - Bass

"'people don’t HAVE to bathe for me to have ritualistic sex with them' Such thought-provoking conceptual nuggets can ONLY come out of the mouth of Tony Gedrich. He is the bassist/spiritual advisor/only decent musician in Double Standard. 'What’s he doing in a ska band if he can play real music?' You might ask. It’s all very complicated, see, Tony was born in a small Hungarian village, this means that he has lots of natural talent, but no concept of ‘taste,’ ‘ cleanliness,’ or ‘how to do drugs.’ Hence, the only musical path for him to take would be ska. Tony Gedrich is truly a genius in a time all his own."
-Ben Quebert Greenburg
Weight Loss for Christmas Inc.

I have a jones for electronica including but not limited to They Might Be Giants, The Brain, Micheal J, and the ever-present. socially inept DEP.

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