I just got back from the party in Croton, it was pretty cool, we pulled off a brand new song and for an encore we managed to play insomnia and kind of. We forgot to bring merch but people probably didn't have money anyway. Anyrate, if your reading this and you saw us then please sign our guestbook, it might not be working, if it isnt come back tommorow and sign it. Tony and I are going to guitar workshop for 2 weeks starting saturday, so recording will be pushed back once again.
- Alex


We're all finishing up school, and starting our plans for world domination. The band should be around in some form throughout most of the summer so if you got shows, we wanna play them. This also means that we will be putting out some kind of release, plans are still being discussed. Also we're playing B-day party in croton on June 30th, I think it's invitation only, but it should be fun.
- Alex


I should have updated this yesterday. Anyway, still no recording but we're tryin to get one for free because the last time we paid and got ripped off so if you can get us a free recording then we'll (Tony) give you sexual favors and stuff. Um, I think the dorks who were writting in our guestbook finally got a life, other than that not much news, get us shows! We're workin on a couple but these things never come through. - Peace -
- Alex


I think we're now officially signed to Pedal Boy Records although the label is run out of Jersey we should be getting some better promotion, and should we ever record, some good distribution. Nothing Left and some other cool bands are also on the label, so check it out.

- Alex


The Blow it Out Your Brass Comps came yesterday, they are pretty cool. We'll most definetly be selling them at shows, on the page, school, etc..

- Chris


I just got back from the show in nj, it was lots of fun and worth the ride, although I don't think we'll be able to get back down there for awhile. Anyway we're still trying to record, thanks to anyone who came to the jersey show, and we're still looking for more shows.

- Alex


News day... anyway, we're playing our school's academy awards, we're not sure what we're gonna do yet songwise, but we assure you our presence will be felt and remembered (we got planS!). Anyway that's gonna be pretty dumb if you dont go to our school, but we're workin on some other shows. Uh, im on bari now, we wanna record soon, we're trying to get a hook up with that we'll let you know if we have any progress.

- Alex


Ok, I'll try to make a long story short, king friday played a short set, we spent a long time trying to set up but there were only 3 mics, we played our set (we played well but there wasn't a huge crowd reaction), One Last Shot Came on, people danced, owner got mad, drummer slammed his knuckle against the snare and there was a lot of blood, people continue to dance, owner calls cops, show ends. It really sucks cause no one was there to see us and we were the only band that played a full set. Big thanks to Nobody's Heroes for letting us use their stuff, and they didn't even get to play.

- Alex


We just got a show tonight with Nobody's Heroes and some other bands, check the shows page for more details.
- Alex


Yo, I just put up the logo for the new workshirts, I think the logo is smaller than shown but you get the idea. We're gonna practice on saturday and try to put together a press kit of some kind. We're working on shows, but we need your help.

- Alex


We should have some workshirts in a couple weeks we just sent the design out. I showed Tony a bunch of bass parts but I can't find a baritone sax in my price range. Kyle and Dana are chillin' with M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E. they get back on saturday and we're gonna practice a lot then, I think we might be recording then(?!).

- Alex


Yo, we haven't had practice in a long time, but hopefully we'll record the practice with some cool equipment we're borrowing. If it comes out any good then you can look forward to clips of new songs! Or just come to one of our shows, we've got a few in the works but are still looking. Also soon we should be getting, www.DoubleStandardNY.com and some other junk is going on. We'll keep you updated, please email us if you have a show we can play we'll play anywhere!!
- Alex


Hey, I put up clips of misunderstanding and insomnia in real audio format because no one could d/l the mp3s. The feburary 12th show is temporarly canceled, the place couldn't have bands play or something.

- Chris


I think we actually have some news this time! Some good and some bad. We might have a show somewhere in RC in early February, more news on that as we get it. Some bad news is that Kyle broke his wrist snowboarding. We're trying to get some work on the shirts done, so we could have those by the next show. Also we have new amps so next show we should sound really good, and we're trying to finish a few songs right now so they're gonna be really good.email us.

- Alex


We should have the "Blow It Out Your Brass" comp by February, Croton pics from way back in October are up, and we're working on more shows, more songs, and more merch. We'll keep you updated on any of that, we need shows, we're lacking motivation. So Email us if you can get us a show, we'll make it worth your while...

- Alex

1.2.00( <-- lol, double 0's )

Not too much news, except that I dont know what adam was smoking when he wrote that last news, cause the show on the 7th is not happening, sorry about that it's been pretty iffy. Also we have 10 songs! Also dana's back from colorado (drum roll) and cameron is getting back tommorow. Anyway we're working on new material and if the CBGB's show happens we'll display some of it. Also the new page looks fukin slik, I hope you think it's cool cause I do. I gg, school tommorow, i hate monday, that reminds me of a song...

- Alex


We have some news to report this week. We have been practicing a lot and have come up with two new songs, "Said and Done" and "Empty"(changes might be made). These bring our original song count up to nine. I also just heard that Chris has yet one more song in the works. So make sure to check out some of our new stuff at our upcoming shows: 1/7/99 at the Irvington Rec. Center w/ several bands; and in the near future at CBBG's in NYC w/ Nothing Left... and 3 Monkeys Named Bob, thanks 3 monkeys. (The show at CGBG's is more like an audition for us to play there more, but people can still attend, but I think it is 16+). Two compilations are being produced now with us on them; expect to see those in the beginning of February, the "Blow It Out Your Brass Comp," thanks to Fevered Pitch Records and one by Pedal Boy Records. That's about it...

- Adam


Happy Holidays, we've been practicing, and were working on getting a few shows, and other stuff. I accidently offended another band from the hudson valley, and I hope they've accepted my sincere apollogies. Go to their webpage for more details about that: Whats Your Problem Brian. Other than that there's not much news, we need logos for shirts, if there are any cool artists out there that have any idea email us, and we'll give you some free stuff if we like yer ideas.

-- Alex


Sorry about that misinformation, hopefully this is final but I wouldn't count on it. Same bands, same place, January 7th; not december, January; and not the 8th, the 7th. You know the phrase, be there or be square. Other news, we're still looking for better logos, send us any ideas or whatever cause we need them for shirts. Here are some rumors, we might be playing with the Ataris in February, and Catch 22 in March... Nothing is even close to confirmed, but we're working on it. Other news, I'm attempting to fix up the site cause the server gets worse and worse everyday.

-- Alex


Everything is comming together. Here's what adam said:
"**Double Standard Show***
Dec. Saturday 18
5:00 PM
Irvington Rec. Center
Lineup: spaztic habits, 3 monkeys named bob, double standard, no talent, nothing left, nobodys heroes, asob, 8 over par
It's gonna be a nice show, be there and support your scene! some great bands are gonna play and we got a new song. We would like to have a good turnout for our first show on home territory. For directions email dsmaillist@yahoo.com"
So everyone better show up, skip the school dance you local freaks, we need support. So we're going to be taking attendance.

-- Alex


The Fevered Pitch comp Blow it Out Your Brass is almost done, they just need to send it out to get pressed, so by January we should have ours and we'll be selling them in the merch section of our site. Also if you've been to the site before you'll notice chris "revamped" it, go to the bio section, it's really funny!...What else, oh, we talked to wetlands and we're allowed to play there now, so early next year we'll probably be playing a show there. I don't know what's going on with the show in Rockland, but if it happens (unless it's this friday) then we'll be there. Other than that the shirts may be delayed a week or two and, if you haven't signed up for the mailing list then you've been missing the newsletters and contests and loads of other stuff, so SIGN UP!! We're still looking for shows, so if you organize shows or are having a party or something we wanna play, so email us!.

-- Alex


I was gonna wait til tommarow to do the news (for obvious reasons to any skacore scene memeber) but it's sunday night and I have time and I might not tommarow. Anyway, we got the whole mailing list thing working, if you haven't signed up, then SIGN UP!! Also we might be playing somewhere in RC on dec. 4th, we'll keep you updated. We should be sending out the shirts sometime this week to get screened, so if you want one now's the time to order cause they'll go fast, also we're probably getting t-shirts done along with out infamous workshirts. Anyway we've been working on new songs, and now that we have a pretty full set we want to play as many shows as we can, so if you organize shows or are having a party or something we wanna play, so email us if you have a show for us to play. Oh yeah we have 3 sound clips up now, so if you havent heard us dl "i hate monday" cause that's the best quality and it's just as a quick a download.

-- Alex


Here's some quick news. We're confirmed to be on two comps that should be comming out late 99, or ealry 2000. First is Blow it Out Your Brass that's being put out by Fevered Pitch in Ohio. B. Lee Band, Jeffries Fan Club, Pushover, Secret Cajun Band, and a whole bunch more bands are gonna be on that one. The other one is being put out by Pedal Boy in NJ, it's called Make Sure It's Grounded and will hopefully feature Bigwig, Link 80, Nine Lives, Face First, our friends Nothing Left, and a bunch more. Anyway, we're debating whether to sell our current demo, if you have any input on that email us. We're looking to put together a show in late nov. or early dec., if anyone knows a place we could rent for cheap email us and we'll play there. Also thanks to anyone that came to chris's house, now known only as "The Garage" that was fun.

-- Alex

10.30.99 (1 A.M.)

I'll make this quick cause I'm tired, croton show was awesome, nobody's heroes played an awesome set to end the night. If you left early or didn't go to the show hopefully we'll be playing with them again, because they were really good. We're pretty happy with the way we played especially considering Cameron wasn't there. Anyway, sign the guestbook if you haven't, we always like to see new fans sign the guestbook. I'm goin to sleep.

-- Alex


Well the show friday night was rather lame and we would like to appoligize to those of you who attended. We didn't have any merch, we were forced into playing first, and our set was unusually bad. We're not gonna be playing the backdoor again, we were treated poorly, and the staff misinformed us about several things. 3 Monkeys Named Bob played a nice set and Nothing Left was unable to play because the backdoor said 30 Seconds to Failure had already been chosen to play. Anyway it's over and we hope to see everyone friday in croton, we do have directions now, so if you dont have 'em email us. We hope to have some workshirts and t's for friday's show, and we are going on 3rd to last (there are a lot of bands) but as we just learned show up early cause you never know.

-- Alex


Hey, Chris here, and im very tired so i will make this short. I Hate Monday, from the new demo, is up in mp3 format on the Sounds page. Go listen to it.

-- Chris


Ok, I know I just did the news a couple days ago, but ya' know whenever their's news it's got to be reported! Demos, we will have in our hands the final copy of our demo on Monday, we are very excited, expect mp3age directly following that. We(I) have decided that indeed demos will be available to select individuals, we're gonna buy a buttload of tapes, make an insert in adobe and then go down to kinkos and I'm gonna copy some tapes. But before all that we are playing homecomming this friday, so if you live in Irvington you better be there, cause we don't wanna be playing for the staff, so don't stand there, convince us to keep playing these stupid school functions!! After that we got a "gig" hopefully with Nothing Left... and 3 Monkeys Named Bob at the Backdoor in Nyack on October 22nd. Dispite the name of the place, The Backdoor, is actually quite luxurious, so I would suggest all the people who go to homecomming also go down there. I'm gonna do some other page work and take down the surveys, cause of my corruption and dana's insane jelousy, but I'll make new, better ones! If you didnt read the last news read that.

-- Alex


All of us have been really busy lately, not much time to update the page.
1. As planned we did indeed record today, and we had extra time so we did I Hate Moday, Insomnia, Misunderstanding, and Clair. All of them came out pretty good, and this was professionally done so it pretty much blows away anything we've put on the site previously. Unfortunalty the mixing and engineering aint done yet so if we do get a chance to put clips up they will be rough tracks. We'll tell you when we have the final tracks.
2. The Croton show date has once again been changed, I dont know what's going on, the new date is October 29th, we'll keep you updated, if this changes again we're gonna kill someone.
3. The new shipment of shirts should be comming in anyday now, so then its about another week to get 'em screened, we're thinking of getting t-shirts too, we want suggestion for other cool merch items or specific colors of shirts or some crap.
4. Homecomming? To play or not to play, that is the question. I don't know we might, if you don't go to our school you probably could care less, but we don't think we would have a significant crowd if we played, and it would just be people standing around so if you really want us to play then email us or something cause it's still completely undecided.
5. Damn this is a long news report, we may or may not sell demos, if you really want one we'll be able to hook you up with one by next week probably. Keep on e-mailing us with comments and questions and if you want to be cool sign the guestbook I swear to god that most members read it religiously!!

-- Alex


Ok, a lot of stuff, is happening, first off the show in croton was changed again to October 22nd, this should be a final date. Also we're working an getting a show date at the Backdoor in Nyack, we're gonna meet some guy about it soon. The recording date remains october 2nd, after that we will have our demo and we will be looking for places and bands to play with. There's a lot of other crap going down but most of it is kinda far off or uncertain so we'll continue to keep you updated. Keep on E-mailing us with comments and questions and if you want to be cool sign the guestbook.

-- Alex


Ok, here's the low down. First off, we'll be playing in the basement of Holy Name of Mary Church in Croton. A cool band we met online called Nobody's Heroes is putting on the show, it should be fun and a chance to play for some new people. That show will be on the 23rd of October(be there or be square). In other news, we put up a new sound file and some new pics, check 'em out! Also, on October 2nd we're going to some studio to record a few songs, we have decided most likely we will record 3 songs: I H8 Monday, Insomnia, and Misunderstanding. It is possible we will sell these demos, but they're mostly for sending to clubs and bands. Also, we sold all the shirts on the 3rd, but we've already ordered more so if you order one it's gonna be about 3 weeks before we will get them. Um... what else... oh yeah we might get T-shirts done depending on how much money we have after we record the demo, which might be none. Keep checking back for news, I shaved my head and I'm $50 richer, thats about it. Oh yeah and isn't the new graphic on the main page cool? ds.

-- Alex


Hey, its me Kyle first i wanna say are show on sept. 3 was a complete success we made a lot of money and are going to use that to get recorded, we would also like to thank all the bands that played with us it was great having you, and to all the people that came thanx for the support and if you liked us there is more to come, also now ive taken my lyrics and written them for you so check them out on that part of are page and see if you can Learn them. other than that nothing else is going on if we get a show you will be the first to know.

-- Kyle


Well, for starters, we just got done with a great show at the American legion. We played with the bands Drop Dead Fred, The D.A.E.'s, Punch Buggy Blue, 30 Seconds to Failure, and of course, Nothing Left. Because I wasn't there (i was surfing with Adam in California), I'm going to let Alex tell you about this one:

Hey, the American legion show was damn good. We came, we played, and we kicked ass. Even with our missing (trom)Boner and Sex(aphone) we still managed to play damn well. Also we're now pretty friendly with most of the other bands that were there, so, look forward to possible shows with them in the future. All the bands played good, and it was all in all a fun filled evening!!
-- Alex Billig

Now, I got back the 15th so everything is good, finally!... We had one very productive band practice this week and came out with another great song. Unfortunately, Adam (still surfing the high tide), couldn't attend, so he has a lot of catching up to do. And, of course, to complicate things further, Cameron will leave on a 7-day excursion tommorow morning to Alabama to find her southern roots. Hopefully she will return in time for our next show. That's right! We have yet another show to take over coming up September 3rd if I'm not mistaken. That about wraps things up for this week, and other than endless nights playing "Super Smash Brothers", nothing has change for anyone in the band. So, we well be sure to update if anything goes horribly wrong, but until next week, das it! Keep it real mofo!

-- Dana Kreiss


Here's the low down, adam and dana are out of town, probably surfin' in cali'. But, we will continue to play the show tommarow at the American Legion place without them and possibly with the help of Matt de Suffern. We have workshirts and we're bringing them to be screened, they will have the same logo on the main page on the back of the shirt, they are damn stylish and anybody who's anybody should be purchasing one as soon as they are printed. Hopefully we'll find a good place to record by the end of the summer, when we do we'll have a cd demo with somewhere around 7 songs. Keep checking back for news.

--Alex Billig


DS DS DS, well we recorded another demo with are three new songs just another hard-core song/do you know clair/understanding. They all need work but are completed for the most part. We are possibly playing a show with nothing left on Sep. 3 (12 days before Kyle's b-day) in suffern, check shows for exact listings.

--Kyle Haggerty


well the whole band is back and changes were made. By his own choice Tony G. has quit the band. and replacing him will be are second guitarist Alex on bass. also we are working on 3 songs now the mallrats/ just another hardcore song/ (and an untitled one) . we are going to be taking pix for the band this week and will be up soon after that. and in personal notes Kyle dyeing his hair in a few weeks. Cameron is still not back from camp but we will still be working without her. Dana is suprisingly not pissing to many people off. Pete has a mowhawk now. Chris got back from guitar camp and kiks ass. Alex is just damn cool. Adam is working on the bios. and that's all for now later. DS !!!!

-- Kyle Haggerty


Well, as of now, no news is good news. We are just werkin on the page a lot now and we should have sounds up soon.
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